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Property Management

Update on Leasehold Reform

By Bernie Wales / 5th July 2018 / 0 Comments

The relatively new Housing Secretary; James Brokenshire has asked the Law Commission to review the laws which allow leaseholders to manage their own buildings. The legislation on Right to Manage [RTM] is meant to give leaseholders the power to stop abuse from rogue freeholders and their agents, by allowing most leaseholders to take over the…

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Regulation for Managing Agents

By Bernie Wales / 6th April 2018 / 0 Comments

Way back in 2002, and in response to the then Government’s consultation ‘Improving the standard of residential leasehold management’, the Leasehold Advisory Service; LEASE said: “From research, elsewhere (France and Australia) it is clear that a licensing system is fully achievable, acceptable by the industry and effective in regulation of standards. It is clear that…

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Bernie Wales says RTBL. Watch this video to see why.

By Bernie Wales / 21st August 2015 / 2 Comments

Hello, my name’s Bernie Wales and I’m here to give you a short video with some advice which generally would solve 99% of leasehold problems. I get people visit my website and book up 15 minute slots because they have a problem and they want advice to do with their leasehold flat, or their block…

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“Final and binding” service charge … may not be

By Bernie Wales / 27th June 2014 / 0 Comments

The case of Windermere Marina Village Ltd v Wild and others [2014] UKUT 163 [LC] was recently decided in the Upper Tribunal. It looked at a common phrase seen in residential leases, namely that “ the determination by the Landlord’s surveyor shall be final and binding”. The decision said that that wording was void under…

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Here’s an Interesting Question About Title Splitting – But it’s Not What you Think

By Bernie Wales / 16th April 2014 / 8 Comments

Here’s another great question from my Telephone Consultation Service. This time it’s regarding Title Splitting, although there is a bit of a twist to this one, so, many thanks to Keith for an excellent question; “Hi Bernie.  I wondered if I can do title splitting on a property where the owner doesn’t own the freehold. I’m asking…

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OFT launches study into Residential Property Management

By Bernie Wales / 4th December 2013 / 0 Comments

The Office of Fair Trading has launched a market study into Residential Property Management. You can find out more here > If you live in or own a leasehold flat, or other property managed by a managing agent, you should respond to the survey and let the OFT know your views.

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Summary of Rights and Obligations CHANGED from 1st July 2013

By Bernie Wales / 11th July 2013 / 0 Comments

As a result of the changes to the Residential Property Tribunal Service from 1st July 2013, the Summary of Rights and Obligations which must accompany all demands for payment needs a revised wording.  For England this is written in full below, or you can view by clicking this link Bernie Wales Summary of Rights And…

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Can We Complain About the High Cost of Buildings Insurance?

By Bernie Wales / 24th May 2013 / 0 Comments

I recently had a request for advice, from a group of leaseholders who were unhappy about the buildings insurance premium their freeholder was asking them to pay. For the purposes of  this article, let us assume there is no doubt the freeholder is required to insure the building, and associated risks, and the leaseholders are required…

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£50,000 Wasted Through NOT Consulting – Daejan vs Benson

By Bernie Wales / 7th March 2013 / 0 Comments

I read an interesting article in News On The Block today – see here. Whilst this is an obvious disappointment for the leaseholders, who have to pay £46,000 each for major works … the Daejan vs Benson case goes to show that not complying with Section 20 consultation procedures can cost a landlord dearly. Daejan can…

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Relational or Transactional Property Management – Which is Best for You?

By Bernie Wales / 6th February 2013 / 0 Comments

I found myself in London’s bustling West End quite recently, shopping for clothes, when a man came up to me in one of the big department stores and said something unexpected.  It was so unexpected that it got me thinking about business, customers and business relationships … and in particular, property management business.  I’ve been thinking…

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