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Leasehold Advice

Bernie Wales has 40+ years of hands-on leasehold management and investment experience. He is always happy to draw on that experience to answer questions from those needing leasehold advice.  The problem is ... there are literally hundreds of questions and only one Bernie.  So, in order to manage the high demand, there is an appointment system for providing advice - enabling you to pick a convenient day and time for your call.

Please choose one of the options below.

15 Minute Consultation

If you want a quick discussion with Bernie Wales, to get informal leasehold advice – a quick answer to your quick question – please book a 15 minute telephone call. Just click this link.

The cost is £75.00 … which includes a free copy of Bernie’s 151 page eBook; Leasehold : A Guide For Owner Occupiers and Buy-To-Let Landlords (RRP £25.00).

Once you have paid, you will be sent an email with a TimeTrade link.

Watch out for the email in your Inbox – and search your Junk Folder or Clutter Folder if you can’t initially see it. Then click the link to go to TimeTrade and choose the date and time of your appointment – and remember to provide brief details of your question/problem when doing so, so Bernie can consider the leasehold advice you require.

You’ll be sent an email confirming the date and time – and the telephone number to call at the appointed hour.

Full Consultation or Formal Leasehold Advice

If your question or leasehold problem involves a review of documents - such as your lease, service charge documents or whatever ... or you need formal leasehold advice with a detailed written reply - please book a 15 minute call initially, but when completing the brief details of your problem make sure to say you want a formal, full, detailed answer.

Bernie will respond with what documents are needed and will arrange a fee quotation and timetable for the work, as appropriate.

Do You Have A Problem Right Now?

If so, you really shouldn't wait until it gets any worse. Get the right advice at the right time .... that means RIGHT NOW!

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