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Leasehold : A Guide For Owner Occupiers and Buy-To-Let Investors : 3rd Edition

Are you one of the thousands of leaseholders who doesn't understand their lease?

Do you get confused by the strange legal jargon?

Have you got a legal problem with your leasehold flat or house and don't know where to turn?


If the answer's "yes" to any of those questions, this 3rd Edition e-Book is the answer you've been looking for.

Andy Haynes - Property Investor and Presenter

Bernie Wales' book will become very important to you and it will be the catalyst that you need to fully understand the intricacies of leasehold property.

Andy Haynes

Property Investor and Presenter

To get your copy of this informative e-book for just £25.00

Over 30 years' experience in leasehold property management and investment has been condensed by Bernie Wales into this 3rd Edition e-book. Revised, Updated and Expanded ... that's now over 41,000 words - but they are words which take a complex subject and explain it in an easily understandable way.


Are you in a situation where ...

  • You bought a leasehold property that looked good – and then found there were hidden costs you didn’t know about?
  • You look through the lease and the legal paperwork – but haven’t got a real understanding of what it all means?
  • You receive bills from the Freeholder – and from the Residents’ Management Company – and don’t know who to pay?
  • You’re asked to contribute huge sums of money for major works – but don’t seem to have a say in what’s going on?
  • You have concerns about Health & Safety – but don’t know whether that’s your responsibility or the Managing Agents?
  • You have a ‘short lease’ and can’t sell – but don’t know the legal process for extending it.
  • You thought buying a flat would be simple – but now think it’s stunningly complicated?

If you believe that you have no choice but to walk away from leasehold property because it’s a legal and financial minefield ...


... Bernie Wales will show you how to get back in the driving seat and become a happy owner occupier or successful buy-to-let leasehold investor.

Buying leasehold property, in particular leasehold flats, is viewed by many as a risky venture. Yes it can be risky – but any investment is risky. It's just a question of quantifying that risk, minimising that risk, and managing that risk to ensure you win rather than lose.

The good news is there are a series of simple actions and strategies that can lead you, step-by-step, to trouble free properties, to more profitable purchases and a better return from your current leasehold investments.

To get your copy of this informative e-book for just £25.00

Leasehold - A Guide For Owner Occupiers & Buy-To-Let Investors

Bernie Wales' revised, updated and expanded 3rd Edition e-book ''Leasehold - A Guide For Owner Occupiers and Buy-To-Let Investors" is all about how to understand leasehold easily, where to turn for help, how to avoid problems before they arise, and how to profit from leasehold investment more easily.

It shows you how to avoid the traps which unwary leaseholders fall into, what questions to ask, and the extras to know and profit from.


There are 22 Chapters covering the following and more:

  • Leasehold … what is it?
  • The Lease … what is in it?
  • Leasehold Information Packs
  • The Freeholder
  • The Leaseholder
  • The Residents’ Management Company
  • The Managing Agent
  • Ground Rent
  • Service Charges
  • Rent Charges
  • Statements
  • Budgets
  • Accounts
  • Reserve Funds
  • RMC Membership Criteria
  • Buildings Insurance
  • Health & Safety
  • Major Works & Long Term Agreements
  • Changing The Buildings’ Management
  • Short Leases
  • Lease Extensions
  • Freehold Title Splitting

There are 9 Case Studies covering the following and more:

  • Hugely unreasonable service charge bills
  • Challenging service charge increases
  • Damp, condensation and repairs
  • Freeholders who have disappeared
  • More than one Managing Agent – who to pay
  • Forcing a Freeholder to sell the freehold
  • Freehold houses and rent charges
  • Short Leases – and what to do about them

To get your copy of this informative e-book for just £25.00

The actions, questions and strategies you will learn about in this e-book are all straightforward and easy to understand. You can take each of the twenty two chapters one at a time – learning each area slowly and steadily – and implementing each improvement gradually in a controlled and sensible manner. With a constant step by step approach you can improve your leasehold situation, reduce problems and expense – and evaluate potential purchases better and better each day.


Start with just one and you will notice positive results straight away. Add another two or three into the mix and you will not only start to feel better, but your cash flow will improve too. Put them all into practice over time and you will be amazed at how much more profit you have created for yourself.


Knowing the territory is the best place to start. And when you’ve read this revised, updated and expanded guide you will know more than 99% of the estate agents selling leasehold flats - and more than many people who currently invest in leasehold flats.

Having read this Owner Occupiers and Buy-To-Let Investor’s Guide you will;

  • Have a thorough knowledge of Leases and what they mean.
  • Have a clear understanding of who does what … and why.
  • Know how to understand Accounts – and what they mean for you.
  • Understand the Management Company and its duties.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of Reserves and Sinking Funds.
  • Be able to control the costs of Major Works.
  • Know how to approach H&S sensibly and cost-effectively.
  • Be able to get information and evaluate the ‘Unusual Stuff’.
  • Know how to get the best extension for your ‘short lease’.
  • Know how to maximise freehold value when title splitting.
  • Improve your income and reduce your costs.

Are you ready to take action to boost your cash flow AND reduce the risks involved in owning leasehold property?

To get your copy of this informative e-book for just £25.00

Leasehold - A Guide For Owner Occupiers & Buy-To-Let Investors

To find out about each of the twenty two chapters and nine case studies in this informative e-book, all you need to do is get your hands on ''Leasehold - An Owner Occupiers And Buy-To-Let Investor's Guide - 3rd Edition''.

When you consider just how much the information in this e-book can vastly improve your leasehold situation, you will be delighted to know that you can get your copy just by clicking here.

At £25.00 this 3rd Edition e-book represents enormous value.

Here’s what readers have said:

I bought Bernie’s book ‘just-in-time’ to understand the implications of my owning leasehold properties. It has and will continue to save me thousands of pounds.

Of course there is much more in the book than just information for property investors.

Definitely worth the price. I recommend it

Patti Austin


Bernie has a wealth of knowledge in leasehold, properties, I can highly recommend this e-book!

Teresa Ballard


I just wanted to bury my head in the sand when it came to issues with my freeholder, but Bernie (whom I have had the privilege to sit down with and tackle it with) is not only an amazingly knowledgeable expert, but his enthusiasm and problem solving approach makes what I expected to be a ‘drag’ of a topic really rather interesting.

Emma Stockdale


Once again Bernie unravels the mysteries of leasehold property. A ‘must read’ for anyone interested in this subject.

Mike Mather


I would recommend this book as a real lesson in specialist advice. It is written in clear sections and keeps to the key facts without having technical in-depth references to the law, which is very refreshing.

To investors or flat owners, it provides an explanation as to why certain subjects are so important.

The case studies are helpful, giving confidence to gain control and not to be frightened to take action.

I certainly felt more inspired and inquisitive; therefore this tells me the book works.

Adam Walmsley

Milton Keynes

To get your copy of this informative e-book for just £25.00

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